Digital Baltic

Digital Baltic- Promoting Digital Innovation in Public Sector Innovation


About the project:

Programme: Seed funding – 2013 / Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Unit

Project duration: I-XII 2014

Project coordinator: Värmland County Administrative Board

No. of project partners: 12



The aim with Digital Baltic is to spur digital innovation in Public Sector Information (PSI) from a citizen perspective, to establish the BSR at the forefront in the development of a digital single market for Europe.

Problem to be tackled:

Against the background of the financial crisis and the many social and environmental challenges Europe and the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) are facing, new innovative and smart solutions are needed for the future, in order to stimulate economic growth and to increase social inclusiveness. ICT can be an important tool and enabler in the development of new innovations that address these challenges and at the same time produce sustainable products and services that meet citizens’ demands and needs. In order to do so, information and policy gaps between countries and regions in the BSR need to be reduced in the move towards a digital society.


The project includes 12 partners in a project from 5 Baltic Sea Region countries: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.


There will be 4 regional meetings, each in a different country. Result from the four Open Space meetings will be 20 selected digital innovation ideas for better re-use of PSI suitable for further development in the Baltic Sea region. In September 2014 is also planned conference in Krakow.