The statistics of the 3rd call for research support – Baltic TRAM

During the 3rd call which lasted from 1st of May 2018 to 30th of September 2018, 20 applications were submitted by the companies located in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

The geographical distribution of the received applications is the following: Finnish (3), Swedish (2), German (1), Lithuanian (5), Latvian (1), French (1) Estonian (2) and Polish (5) companies, which accounts for 29,41% of all submitted applications through the Industrial Research Centre network. The companies from different industrial sectors made use of the Baltic TRAM short-term, free of charge measurements offer.

The 3rd call for measurements applications was the last one arranged by the Baltic TRAM project. The project totally received 68 applications over three calls and the assessment was performed by organising 26 evaluation sessions. Just a minor number of the applications was rejected, which means that the scope of measurements was well defined. Some experiments could be announced as complete, though there are some measurements still underway.

Although the calls are closed, we kindly invite you to visit the project website to get insights into the case studies.

Find more information and statistics on the 1st Call (May 1st 2017 to October 31st 2017) and the 2nd Call (November 1st 2017 to April 30th 2018).